Special Order Items

Here you will find products that are available by special order only. All of these products will require a special order code, this code will then need to be entered before the item can be put into your basket. To get your special order code you will first need to contact us.


Current Special Order Items:

  • Hornby 0-4-0 'Sentinel'

Hornby 0-4-0 'Sentinel'.

I have had a couple of enquiries about a third batch of this conversion. I will put a third batch into production if there is enough interest in one. I will need at least 20 conversions of each gauge, therefore, if you would like a conversion for the Hornby 'Sentinel' email your interest and it will be added to the list below.

Current Interest:
18.83: 17

Updated: 23/03/2021

Please note that this is NOT the outside crank version


Price shown is per pack
£31.84 - Nickel Silver Tyres

Additional Information/Options:

• Special Order Codes can only be used once. If for any reason you have a problem when placing your order, then please contact us.

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