Product Update and Information

New RTR Replacement Gears

We are currently looking at adding another item to the replacement gear range for the Heljan gears we already produce. This is a complete replacement gear box for the 43xx mogul. A prototype is currently being produced and tested to see if the idea is feasible.


The new gear box is a direct swap for the original and uses the original Nylon gear on the driving wheel axle. It was also noted that on the customers model we had, that the brackets that hold the motor in place still allowed for some vertical movement. So new clamp brackets were printed to secure the motor.


The gear box has all brass gearing, the correct helix angle to match the worm on the motor and radial ball bearings with flanged outer races on 3 of the 4 shafts. The gear box case is 3D printed in PLA+.

Due to the changes made to switch from helical to spur in the gear box the overall ratio has been changed. The original model was 20:1 the new gear box changes this to 26:1.


Gear box components.