'O' Gauge Bassett-Lowke Chassis

Having seen the work carried out to the Bassett-Lowke motor bogie in the 'Workshop' section of our web site. We were asked if we could do the same repair work to a Bassett-Lowke chassis to replace the badly worn gears on this 80+ year old chassis.

Cutting a new gear.

Here we are cutting one of three new gears required for the chassis. This one is the 64 tooth final drive gear.

For those that are interested:
Tooth size: 48dp
Outside Diametere: 1.375"
Base tangent data: 0.480" over 8 teeth
Face Width: 0.080"


Before and After.

This shows just how much the original gears had worn. But having said that, they are over 80 years old so they have lasted very well.


Layout of new gears.

Here you can see the gears in their final position before the wheel and axle are fitted.


View from below.

The last two photos show the full assembled gears and chassis.


View from side.