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Groups, Societies, Clubs and Associations

Proto87 International team This site contains information on the Proto87 standards. The site is in French and English, but some of the English pages have not yet been completed.

Historical Model Railway Society This site contains information about the railways of Britain.

ScaleFour Society provides information and resources for those who model in finescale 4mm to a true track gauge. Details on Membership, Events and Stores items can be found here.

Central London Area Group (CLAG) This is one of the Scalefour Society's area groups. Useful information about modelling in 18.83 and the activities of group can be found here.

E.M. Gauge Society provides information and resources for those who model in 4mm scale and E.M. standards. Details on Membership and Events can be found here.

London & North Western Railway Society All there is to know about the 'Premier Line'.

The Model Railway Club All things model railway in various gauges.

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Internet and Web site development

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Miscellaneous web sites

Loctite Manufacturers of high-technology sealants, adhesives and coatings. You will also find data sheets and information on Loctite products here.

TKM Engineering Manufacturers of Precision Turned Parts.

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RTR Model Railway Manufacturers





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Model Railway Layouts

Brockley Green S.E.4.

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