Current Production Status

Delivery Time

Due to the current 'Covid-19' lockdown situation that we have in the UK at this time. I'am not able give any accurate lead times for the production and supply of any products. Orders that I currently have will be supplied as and when the situation allows.

Our current delivery on production items can be up to
6 months
from receipt of order.


Prototype Gearbox Design & Construction System

Is a proposal for a modular gearbox design/construction system. The system uses 3D printed modules (blocs), which can be simply glued together to create a fully functional gearbox.

The current prototype has been developed for use with 'O' Gauge (7mm Scale) models. However, a 4mm scale version is currently being looked into.

The current system is divided in to three main sections, the Primary drive module, the Intermediate drive module and the Final drive module. (these are explained in greater detail below)