Future Gear set and Conversion pack availability

It is with much regret that I have to inform you that as of the 31st December 2023 Gear Services (Letchworth) Ltd will no longer be taking orders for gears, only gears shown on the web site after the above date will still be available. This includes items, such as conversion packs that use brass gears in their construction. However, other products such as Eco. conversions, Disc diesel wheels, wagon and coach wheels etc. will still be available.

The main effect of this will be that the majority of products listed in the 'Gears and Gear Sets' section of the web site will no longer be available. It also means that some of the conversion packs that are currently produced will also no longer be available in their fully assembled form, they may however be purchased as a kit of parts excluding gears.

The reason for taking this action is that the lease on the industrial unit that I currently use is coming to an end. To carry on in the unit would require a way to finance the new price increases for the rent, service charge, building insurance, gas and electric etc. I am currently looking at moving, but to do so would mean 'downsizing' to make it economically viable. To do this means that I will need to dispose of some of the larger machines, including the gear cutting equipment.

Therefore, anyone that requires gear items or conversions that have brass gears in their construction must order them before the 31st December 2023, as the web site will be updated and these items will be removed.

Again, it is regrettable that this action is required, but the economical climate has forced my hand.

In the meantime if I am able to find away round this problem, then I will continue as normal.